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It is a short text about a male couple who, taking a stroll in a public park, attract the attention of a gathering crowd not for being gay but for being of different races: Both men offer explanations to a policeman who arrives on the scene to institute ad hoc inquiry of his own into the commingling of the couple. The story is an allegory on the impossibility of normal relations between the races on a private level without public or official harassment, even as relations between or within the sexes are tolerated. He appended his literary testament with the following codicil. If I, after well-nigh twenty years spent in the United States, have never thought for a moment of adopting English as my creative medium, it is because spiritually I continue to reside in my Homeland. The split involved here at times invests the written word of an author in exile with a terrifying beauty, which flows from his undaunted vision. But at the same time this split can, in the long run, lead to the degeneration of the creative faculty — the most glaring case in point being that of the giant of Polish literature, Adam Mickiewicz.


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What Are the 10 Greatest Inventions of Our Time?

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Scientific American, November 1, Advertisement A competition sponsored in by Scientific American asked for essays on the 10 greatest inventions. Inventions are most salient when we can see the historical changes they cause. In we might not appreciate the work of Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison on a daily basis, as we are accustomed to electricity in all its forms, but we are very impressed by the societal changes caused by the Internet and the World Wide Web both of which run on alternating-current electricity, by the way.

A century from now they might be curious as to what all the fuss was about. The answers from thus provide a snapshot of the perceptions of the time. Scientific American – November 1, Following are excerpts from the first- and second-prize essays, along with a statistical tally of all the entries that were sent in. The first-prize essay was written by William I.

Wyman, who worked in the U. Patent Office in Washington, D. The steam turbine, invented by Charles Parsons in and commercially introduced over the next 10 years. A huge improvement in powering ships, the more far-reaching use of this invention was to drive generators that produced electricity. Wyman gave the honor specifically to Gottleib Daimler for his engine, arguing:

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What is a duvet? Sometimes referred to as a comforter (especially in the United States), a duvet is a type of bedding that is a soft flat bag filled with down, feathers, wool, or a synthetic alternative.

Securities and Exchange Commission. Legal Bibliography on Federal Securities Regulation. Federal Housing and Home Finance Agency. Office of the Administrator, Library. Housing and Planning References. Index to California Legal Periodicals and Documents. Law Library Paper No. Presidential Succession; a Bibliography. Myron, and Mersky, Roy M. Montreal, Institute of Air and Space Law,

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If the total debits equal the total credits, the trial balance is considered to be balanced, and there should be no mathematical errors in the ledgers. However, this does not mean there are no errors in a company’s accounting system. For example, transactions classified improperly or those simply missing from the system could still be material accounting errors that would not be detected by the trial balance procedure.

Longman Basic Dictionary of American English Longman Wspo´lczesny Slownik Angielsko-Polski – Polsko-Angielski J. Fisiak, A. Adamska-Salaciak, M. Idzikowski, E. Jagla, M. Jankowski, and R. Lew Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English English-Chinese New Edition.

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