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This movie gives us a glimpse into a completely unique world, that of grown-up Harry Potter fans who continue to perform wizard rock for small, dedicated crowds. Fans of Starkid and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries will recognise Joey Richter and Mary Kate Wiles, and smile at the knowledge that these people are, in fact, fandom famous — there are people out there who really ship these people with their fellow performers. It tells a sweet, engaging story about two friends who are both facing heartbreak, and learn to use their pain to create something beautiful. And honestly, you see a lot of questionable material on YouTube, but the acting, directing and cinematography is all top notch in this production. Watch the movie below: Totally awesome , in fact. With the support of her friend, Zoe learns to stand on her own two feet, and absolutely smashes her solo song. Of course Pete still wins, being the wizard rock heartthrob that he is.

I Ship It | 2014 | Yulin Kuang I Mary Kate Wiles, Sean Persaud, Joey Richter

Unwilling to mope and wallow, Zoe convinces Charlie to channel their misery into music for a Wizard Rock battle of the bands. So I decided to take all of the things I love and put them in the film. Many of the videos on the site, including those by popular creators, are sketches often in the minute range. Even longer-form webseries are often split into short, quickly consumed segments.

Anything longer than that feels more old school, like minute television pilots — something more traditional than what audiences might be looking for. In the past, she had mostly put films first on Vimeo, for festival entries, with YouTube being secondary.

Mary Kate Wiles, Los Angeles, CA. 73K likes. The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye – The Case of the Gilded Lily – Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery.

A Book Junkie’s Impressions: For instance, was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as brilliant as his creation, or did he benefit from the omnipotent and omniscient position of writer? He was perhaps the first author to bow to public demand and raise a character from the dead. He considered himself an intellectual and thought that mysteries were silly, not serious, work. Snickering snarkily, Fate decided he would be remembered for Holmes, and Holmes alone.

Fate really has an attitude about these things. This post is really taking me quite a long time to write because I keep stopping to think about Sherlock Holmes, past and present. In short, they would not have made brainy the new sexy. What makes a good story? Where does that leave us me? Perhaps the most interesting and original story from my humble perspective is A Scandal in Bohemia.

Web Series Wednesday – Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party

They could not know that exactly as they were voting, forces were under way that would bring about some of the most important changes in world history. His resignation marked a key political change: It effectively ended the tradition of Chinese leaders ruling like emperors until death. In Mao single-handedly and dramatically changed the direction of global poverty with one simple act:

Play, streaming, watch and download Still Into You video (), you can convert to mp4, 3gp, m4a for free. This is me playing and singing Paramore’s ″Still Into You″.

Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh, duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh, YEAH! That fuzzy cardigan just screams church social, Lydia. Following the events of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries , the youngest Bennet sister, Lydia, attempts to get her life in back in order after suffering emotional abuse and heartbreak at the hands of her terrible ex, George Wickham. But with her sisters living in New York and San Francisco, Lydia struggles to move forward without her increasingly fragmented support network.

Anyway, meet your new best friend: But we do get a couple potential paramours to work with. The first is this dude named Cody, who is basically that guy in your MFA. If you read Fangirl and fell in love with Nick, Cody is the man for you. As a special bonus, we get a new romance for cousin Mary! Lydia would not exist without the talent of Mary Kate Wiles.

She took a character that most people dislike in Pride and Prejudice and made her alive and adorbs. Her voice played in our heads as we wrote, and we hope we did her Lydia justice. However, the voice feels consistent with the character that Wiles created with the help of the team of LBD writers, particularly Kiley herself.

Still Into You

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автор Mary Kate Wiles | дата Come along with me behind the scenes on Shipwrecked Comedy’s newest project, American Whoopee! This vlog covers production and post-production.

Each episode is about two minutes long. The first season is seven episodes long and the second season five. But in spite of the onscreen chemistry the actors relationships with each other are awkward, tempestuous, and sometimes silent. Little bits of real life leak out after the director calls cut. This series is absolutely adorbs. I mean ridiculously adorable. Mary Kate Wiles plays opposite him and she has honed her craft as an actor, some of the best webseries acting I have seen.

Their little story has its own arc over the seven episodes, which I absolutely devoured, and their chemistry as they play actors playing parts is equally as strong as the chemistry between their characters. That means fanfiction, fanmixes, one-line headcanon, fanart of imagined scenes, and anything else our Shipsters can think of. While each episodes stands on its own and each season has its own tale, the writings of Yuliln do add to the experience and I recommend taking the time to read them.

Kissing in the Rain plays out literary characters literally kissing in the rain, tells its own tale of two awkward actors, and made me laugh more than once and squeal a time or two as well. If you like period pieces, awkwardly romantic moments, or watching people make out, check out the webseries Kissing in the Rain.

Summer showdown: web series

Of the thousands of webseries on Youtube, my favorite are hands-down the literary adaptations, which have been seeing a huge boom in both creation and attention recently. They are five-minute interlocking episodes of romance, banter, combative chemistry, friendship, sisterhood, and a reworking of classic and loved characters into modern and immensely identifiable characters. Nothing not to love. Now, note that while I whole-heartedly recommend the top four, the other four are fun but flawed.

Nothing Much to Do.

joey richter’s last tweets. rt @jjonahjameson: i don’t care what parts you were born with. i don’t care what parts you have now. i don’t care if you want to be calle.

Each episode contains guests playing fictionalized versions of themselves. Plot Ryan Bailey is a self-styled talk show host and marriage expert who, thanks to his own experience of being ‘happily married,’ claims to possess the secrets of marriage needed to help others. Convinced that he is a kind of modern-day ‘marriage prophet,’ he launches his own series.

However, Ryan’s ambitions vastly outweigh his means to realize them, and as a result he films the show in his garage and relies on his often-reluctant friends to provide technical assistance. Ryan has a troubled relationship with his wife who remains an unseen character , though he attempts to hide this reality from the crew members and audience. His position as a ‘marriage advisor’ allows him to ridicule others for their inadequacies, though all too often, his own shine through in the process.

Although Ryan’s connections are dubious, he and his crew manage to lure celebrities to take part in the show as guests whom he then interviews. The means by which the celebrities have been induced to participate have included to date misinformation, blackmail, and kidnapping. On the rare occasions that a guest fails to materialize, the disappointment and shock is enough to send Ryan into a tailspin that only an impromptu musical number can cure. Characters Ryan played by Ryan Bailey – Overconfident and brash, he has a vastly-inflated self-image.

Talking Marriage with Ryan Bailey

She also worked as a producer on the project. Having played the lead role of Zelda in the comedy YouTube series, Squaresville. First Film In , Mary made her theatrical film debut in an important role in the thriller movie, Forbidden Attraction, which was originally titled as Dark Woods. While studying at USC, she did a lot of stage work and in a space of 4 years, she performed in 8 big university productions. She was enrolled in dance classes from a very young age.

Kissing in the Rain is a 5 minute comedy-romance starring Sean Persaud as James Porter / George / David / Edgar / Ben / Gilbert / James, Mary Kate Wiles as Lily Everett / Mary / Susan / Annabel / Olivia / Anne / Lily and Sinéad Persaud as Audrey Porter / Rose / Daisy / Anne Elliot / Lenore.

Tumblr We hate getting to the end of a book we like. Good stories and good characters are like french fries; we always want more than will fit in the bag. Some folks actually do something about this terrible situation. My favorite thing about having a party is getting my different circles of friends together just to see what happens. Can you imagine doing that with a gaggle of your favorite authors? Hemingway, Wilde, Dickinson, and Mary Shelley — to name a few.

Their goofy murder mystery game is interrupted by a plague of gruesome deaths. After that, read our spoiler-filled interview with two of the founders of Shipwrecked Comedy, siblings Sinead and Sean Persaud. What brought you guys together? I wrote tons of sketches, including one involving Edgar Allan Poe buying girl scout cookies. Sean Persaud — Sinead and I grew up near and worked in Salem, MA, so we were always really into the macabre and history and classic literature.

The Case Of The Gilded Lily

Catchy but cut short: They are in no particular order of terribleness. This show is funny. I honestly laughed a lot.

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Mary kate wiles and sean persaud dating Then they became a part of the canon, which is really, really cool. You just know Dean Calhoun has some secret Just Dance moves. I received neither money nor cocktails for writing this review dammit! Instagram Feed The beach tweets are all dated the same day in April, a couple weeks back. What Darcy prevents from happening would certainly have been a worse ending for Lydia than the one she gets. She was a member of Alpha Delta Pi.

Alternate Ending

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